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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  September 19, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. family members demand answers to unanswered questions about a fatal officer involved shooting in
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may. good morning i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze officials are promising to respond. >> reporter: we were just with the chief of police and the mayor and they would not accept our questions regarding what happened at last night's city council meeting. the crowd shouts down the council, so loudly the meeting was adjourned early. the people in the audience are demanding a police report detailing what happened the night 18-year-old alan bluford was shot to death by police. it happened in the may the family has not seen a report. i spoke with the father adam and i asked him about the meeting.
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he is glad to know he has the community support. the police chief and the mayor this morning invited the media to watch as they greeted new police recruits. they will be graduating in march. this is the first class since 2008. administrators and beat comes are thrilled to welcome them, saying they need their help on the streets. the department is very understaffed. we wanted to is the chief and mayor about in police report, looking into the shooting and the fact that the community is demanding it. we were told we would be able to ask them about it. that plan changed. our reporter smith is still inside the police department right now covering this event. he will be asking about the bluford police report as soon as he gets a chance. tune in once our afternoon news coverage starts we start at 4:00 we have newscasts throughout the evening we will be staying on top of this story. police have said that bluford
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pointed a gun at them and that's why the officer shot and killed them. the father says he knows his son he doesn't believe he would do that the family is feeling anxious for answers and wants to see that police report. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we have a new development in the story of a cello stole politician from the san francisco conservatory of music that instrument has been found. cello valued at $11,000 was taken from a locker sunday. authorities released video showing a man and woman going floor to floor in the conservatory they spent an hour there before the man walked out with a cello case strapped to his shoulder. abc7 news has learned the cello turned up midnight last night. nobody is saying where or whether it was turned in anonymously. more information later today on abc7 news at 4:00. police in the east bay trying to figure out who stole copper parts from the roof of
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a san leandro warehouse. maintenance workers went to check out the air conditioning system yesterday and noticed copper piping connecting parts were missing. employees are not sure when the theft happened. palo alto police believe the same man who attacked two women over the past month has attacked a third victim, a female jogger was able if get away before 7:00 a.m.. the man approached her from behind, bear hugged her and tried to pull her to the ground. this happened through palo alto park. police are warning women that the attacker's behavior is escalating. cal trains looking into whether an early morning fire caused structural damage. sigh 7 hd was overhead as firefighters mopped up the blaze where 280 ends and becomes king street near at&t park. it started in a homeless encampment. under the overpass.
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the city just cleared thought area now it is working with caltrans to fence off access to the site. bizarre string of events included a woman escaping a fire and then running back in. terry mcsweeney joins you -- joins us live with the story itch >> reporter: this woman had gotten out free and clear and went back in to get her dog. we have an injured firefighter. two seniors in wheelchairs who managed to get out unscathed. all of this happen in the apartment complex behind me in minutes, 4:30 this morning. firefighters call it a very hot fire that burned through the second floor unit on yolo court. firefighters spent part of the morning getting water on hot spots. marie was awakened by the barking of her dog molly. >> a little shed there, below the window and i tried to get
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her to jump out, she wouldn't jump out so i had to jump back in and pick her up. >> reporter: after she reescaped by jumping from the window to the top of that shed, this time with molly, two police officers grabbed a ladder and rescued them both. she first refused to be treated for smoke inhalation. police say she had to be placed in a squad car she calmed down agreed to be treated and taken to the hospital as was a firefighter for burns to his leg. two others had been in the apartment with her, everyone got out. >> initial primary and secondary soy was conducted no one was found to be in that apartment. >> reporter: where the fire raged, below were carol and bill. >> i saw a red light and i looked out and bill said, fire. i looked out and sure enough. we tie tailed it out. >> reporter: several people
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from other units need1! 0y somewhere else to stay in some cases maybe just one night. >> kind of like a shock because it never happened before. we are just taking it minute by minute. >> reporter: a total of 18 people displaced by this fire. as usual, the red cross on scene to offer hotel sroufplers for the next two, three, four days, whatever until their place can be cleared out. as far as the cause of this fire that is still under investigation. it looks like it might have started on the balcony. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. in vallejo two people under arrest following a police chase this morning around 3 a.m., solano sheriff's patrol car crashed into a big rig during the chase on highway 37 and wilson vallejo. nobody was hurt. authorities say officers were trying to pull over the car for a traffic violation but the driver refused to stop the
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suspect tossed a shotgun out the window. it was later recovered. in a few weeks caltrain will be adding new trains to its schedule because of an increase in ridership new southbound and northbound train will be added to the evening commute starting october 1st. between morning and afternoon commutes will be restored that service was stopped three years ago because of budget problems. cal trains is hoping it will ease intense crowding. next, more protests over the new vulgar cartoons depicting prophet mohammed. precautions france is staking. new fall out from the secret video taken at a mitt romney fundraiser. how his campaign is trying to explain competents. new headache for the royal family. where those
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france has increased security at some of is embassies after a paris magazine published two cartoons regarding prophet mohammed. those offices were fire bombed last year. france says foreign minister is defending freedom of expression. but also warning the magazine that it could be throwing oil on the fire. muslim leaders in france were urging followers to remain calm. >> the fallout continues this morning over a secret video taken at a mitt romney fundraiser in may.
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president obama is weighing in. karen traverse has more from washington. >> reporter: last night on the letterman show president obama fired back at the leaked tape that is causing mitt romney's campaign major headaches. >> there are not a lot of people out there who think they are victims, who think they are entitled to something. >> reporter: in the video romney seen saying 47% of americans will vote for president obama because they want a government hand-out. >> my job is not to worry about those people. >> reporter: the president said he has a different view of the office. >> the president: a lot of things i've learned as president, you represent the entire country. my expectation is if you want to be president you gotta work for everybody, not just some. >> reporter: yesterday romney said he was talking about election extra stkwreu not what he would do -- strategy
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not weigh would do as president. >> he's going to get half the vote, i'm going get half the vote. >> reporter: romney weighed in on foreign policy he ed skepticism of two-state solution between the israelis and palestinians, a plan he endorsed while in israel in july. >> reporter: as the campaign tries to contain damage from this tape, the candidate is keeping a light campaign schedule. he is spending more time focusing on fundraisers for that final sprint to election day. karen travers, abc news, washington. more topless photos of britain's likely queen are splashed across pages this the video of the duchess and her husband william today. a swedish celebrity magazine is the latest to publish topless photos of kate. its sister magazine in denmark plans to follow suit later this week even as french police raided the offices of
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the french magazine that first published the photos trying to hunt down the photographer who snapped the picture of kate while vacationing on a private estate in france. windy outside today. let's look at what is it doing to our sky cover. still clouds, flight arrival delays into sfo should end shortly as the sun is starting to break out. >> endeavour takes off for new mission on the west coast when you will be able to catch up close look here.
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new warning today about a staple in the diets of millions of americans. consumer reports says rice and rice products may contain worrisome levels of a chemical known to cause cancer. details you need to know. >> reporter: it is either right there on our plates or in the stuff we eat practically everyday from crackers to cereal, power bars to baby food, now a new study finds that rice and rice products contain troubling amounts of arsenic. known to cause cancer. >> consumers ought to take steps to moderate their consumption. >> reporter: consumer reports tested more than 60 rice
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products, many contained what it called worrisome levels. arsenic is linked to several kinds of cancer, lung, skin and bladder. nobody is saying don't eat rice, at least not yet. >> rice is a safe and nutritious food, very, very low levels. >> reporter: researchers say because children, especially babies are more vulnerable to the long term toxic effect of arsenic, parents should cut their intake. >> we are saying for infant rice cereal you shouldn't exceed more than one serving a day. >> reporter: surprisingly, when it comes to arsenic the white rice is better than brown. that's because the outer layers of white rice which contain most of the arsenic are partially removed. arsenic occurs naturally in soil and because it is grown in standing water, it is easier for rice to absorb the chemical. the fda is investigating whether the amounts of arsenic in rice are dangerous. results won't be done until the end of the year.
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consumer reports is ing for new government standards to be set for arsenic in rice and other foods, such as apple juice. experts say you can get rid of some of the arsenic in rice by rinsing it until the water runs clear. when you cook rice use lots of water, six cups of water to one cup of rice. small scrap of paper could be a big deal this piece of papyrus is dated back to the 4 century and what is written in the ancient coptic language is reopening the debate over whether jesus was married. the writing says jesus said to them my wife. later the text reads, she will be able to be my disciple. the text was written well after the death of jesus. this could be the first ancient script in which jesus mentions a wife many think it is mary magdalene. people in texas got a sneak peek of what of us in the bay area hope to see friday thousands saws that the
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shuttle endeavour flew above houston friday endeavour will make several fly-bies in northern california. -- fly bys in northern california. endeavour will go to a museum in los angeles all weather pending. >> above the fog, right? >> that depends on the marine layer is at that time looks 15 to 2,000 either it is going to fly unit or we are not going to see it. >> they can see it on tv we'll have it. good point. step outside 11:20 haze around the east bay valleys. more pictures of the clouds being a little stubborn today from mount tamalpais down sausalito to san francisco.
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a few clouds around the bay even pockets of sun at the coast. reoccurring theme is dry even with the clouds it will be dry again tonight even with clouds coming back and fog in the north bay, 50s and 60s until you get to antioch 73. low to mid 60s bay and inland. sunshine is spreading quickly already today tempered by that sea breeze below average temperatures today and tomorrow, a brief warming trend friday and saturday try get back to average before another fall cool or cooling hits sunday temperatures back below average. san francisco 68 today, 71 we are not close today, oakland 75 normally, 66 today. south bay 70 in cupertino
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san jose upper 60s to low 70s for everybody else mid to upper 60s peninsula today clouds clearing out by the afternoon. low to mid 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito with the sun up north your beaches upper 50s low to mid 70s valleys, 60s east bay shore fremont, castro valley and hercules low to mid 70s. mid 70s to mid 80s, 80s exception pittsburg, antioch and brentwood. 70 santa cruz. 78 tahoe sun, 80s chico and sacramento sea breeze cooling them, fresno 93, 105 palm springs. 86 l.a. near 80 san diego. back home tonight magic number six could it be five after tonight rockies and giants game three another cool one
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what? exactly. let's get it down to seven or six there we go. let me stick to the weather. 7:1558° depositing to 54 get confused with the new wild card and that other stuff. 48 san rafael, napa, 46, low to mid 50s because we have interns staring at the weather guy made me nervous. look at those lows spinning west, -- [ laughing ] >> you didn't do anything wrong i'm kidding. temperatures the same thursday, friday -- isn't that nice for me to there 'em under the bus already -- temperatures friday, saturday, back to average, sunday, monday, cooler than average. nice to have them around nothing to do with my screw-up. >> you are predicting giants will win and dodgers will lose and then it will be fixed, easy math. [ applause ] >> gotta talk about
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lindsay lohan arrested again in new york city now facing charges for leaving the scene of an accident this morning accused of hitting a pedestrian with her car. police say the actress was parking a black porsche near a nightclub, clipped the man in his 30s taken to the hospital with a knee injury and released. low man went into the club when she came out she was -- was given a ticket they say alcohol does not seem to be a factor this is the latest in a string of incidents for the troubled actress. you may notice people using more arrg! >> pirate, yeah! >> they did it better.
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coming up on katie wendy williams talks to katie couric about hair. then toys "r" us invales its hot toy list -- -- unveils its hot toy list for the holidays. new oefd may reveal who was holding the gun -- if someone says ahoy mate they may be celebrating the -- 10th talk like a pirate day. disney, jr. has a song talk like a pirate from the show people encouraged to talk in pirate slang.
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